We partner with hotels to sustain a healthy sleep environment for guests.

How our service originated

This is how my story connects with my mission to establish mattress sanitation as a regular service.

In 2010 I suffered an intense allergic reaction to the mattress dust as I sat down on a bed in a school hostel.  The thought of the students who had no choice but to sleep on those dirty mattresses propelled me into action.

The solution

Determined to make a difference, I bought two powerful but basic cleaning machines and received my first order from the same hostel. After that first experience, I collaborated with an engineer to design and customise equipment for the specific application of cleaning mattresses. This upgrade resulted in machines that eliminate mite dust, and pathogens present in mattresses.

Reaching further

Elavo Ltd was registered in Mauritius in 2022 where we now offer the same excellent service to the local hotels.

In high humidity areas the build-up of allergens happen much more rapidly than elsewhere resulting in premature mattress replacements, in cases as often as every 5 or 6 years. Considering that the average warranty of a mattress is around 15 years, mattresses are thus replaced up to twice within their warranty. 

Core values

  •  Pursuing excellence
  • Being reliable
  • Integrity 
  • Professional
  • Honoring our environmental responsibility